Virtual Reality Will Address the Question of Better Framerate Into AAA Games – Project CARS Dev | VR Life

Virtual Reality Will Address the Question of Better Framerate Into AAA Games – Project CARS Dev


This generation, in video games, there has been a focus on resolution while not paying as much attention to the games’ framerate and performance. The framerate of a game is what determines how well the game will plays and yet due to users’ demands, game developers have been left with not much choice than to work on the display of their games.


Although with the introduction of Virtual Reality, this may change. To prevent any issues for the users, virtual reality (VR) demands for high framerates and in most cases, this brings about a reorientation in the development philosophy and this makes game developers consider framerates as important.


In an interview with Andy Tudor from Slightly Mad studios, he was asked whether emphasis on framerates might altogether disappear with VR. He believes that is just a change in the mindset of people which might just happen.


In his words, “I think it’s definitely going to bring the issue of framerate up more when developing your game, absolutely,” he said. “If you want your game to ever be a VR game, it needs to be running at that silky smooth framerate. Most driving games are either 30fps or 60fps- we prefer to go for 60 frames, because it’s a smoother experience, but other racing games just stick to 30. And if they want to be VR capable now, then they will need to be 60fps, or greater.


So VR is going to bring the question of framerate back to the forefront for many developers, definitely. And on the other hand, VR also increases resolution, now you’ve got effectively two monitors, two screens that you are rendering to, so I think there will be many studios out there that will have to readdress their own internal technology to try to reach these goals, if they ever want to have a game that is a VR experience also.”


Hopefully, this will work and his words will come true- a game like Bloodborne, for instance, would have benefited far more from a steady 60fps, than a 1080p. And yet, From software, no doubt on Sony’s encouragement, emphasized the latter over the former. Incidents like this truly are a shame.

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