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Virtual Reality Will Bring You Closer to Your Favorite Athletes and Sports

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Smith, a 44-year-old man who is a fan in the NFL Draft town was one of several fans who were treated to the virtual world. The experience went kind of like this: he watched Paxton Lynch’s perfect spiral fly over him and hit another receiver in motion. He saw grass under him and Lynch’s trainers flanked on the left and right and when he looked up he could feel the sun above him. And then the goggles come off and he’s back to reality.


STRIVR: The Official Tag

A company out of California, Palo Alto is bringing virtual reality that will enable fans get closer and have more personal encounters with the players and the game. The goggles available will display a 360-degree view of your favorite sport athlete in action.

“It’s unreal, just completely unreal,” Smith said. “You’re in the space, right there where they are, and you’re able to look around. Not something most of us will ever see.”


This virtual reality program has been tagged STRIVR and its managing partner Logan Mulvey confirmed that would be their goal. The company creates videos that show highlights from within the team’s locker rooms and on the side-lines of your favorite sports teams. Basically you get to go where you wouldn’t normally go.


The people in-charge of capturing content for the STRIVR program are former athletes so they know exactly where they need to be filming for the consumers delight. Kevin Beecroft who is the director of operations for the company said playing lacrosse his whole life has given him a major advantage in terms of perspective.


“We understand how to make our footprint as small as possible yet get the footage necessary for [fans] to get use out of what we are doing,” Beecroft said. “That’s something that’s really unique to us.”

“We’re always trying to think down the road,” Beecroft said. “How can we minimize the risk of athletes getting injured on the field and still give them the experience as if they were?”

The Partnerships Already in Place

There are already clients on the STRIVR rooster and some of the biggest clients are six NFL and 13 Division 1 colleges. Gradually hockey and baseball teams are also beginning to see what virtual reality can do for them and the New York Rangers recently added a goalie simulation to the main event at Madison Square Garden. With this technology fans now get to stand in the net and watch the shots fly in.


In a few months from now, Mulvey believes consumers will be able to purchase goggles and other necessary sensors required for this virtual reality experience. In due time consumes of this technology can now catch the pass from Lynch rather than just watching him throw it.

When the day comes, Smith will probably get his chance to go toe to toe with Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan. Whether the virtual reality platform will give him an advantage or maybe even a shot at winning remains to be seen. But when he was asked he said, “Nope, absolutely not. All I’d hear would be him trash talking,”

Watch the video below



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