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Virtual Reality Will Be Made Cool with This New and Innovative Design

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We are always innovative with creative ideas that turn the ordinary into somewhat of extraordinary. The world of ‘clothes that do stuff’ is a very iconic concept and we also have the impractical and funny beer-helmet and a host of other similar concepts we have developed. It is easy to arrive at the conclusion that we are now living in the future so it’s time to step up the game and get a little bit more high tech with our clothes. Perhaps a virtual reality hoodie will do the trick.


Virtual reality is one of the areas of technology where its overall efficiency and effectiveness is greatly affected by the physical attributes and its practicalities. Also tech that leads to extreme isolation has been found to have adverse effects on the user. To this end, innovators at Artefact design group have started working on a way to solve this problem of virtual reality and make it more sociable, practical and hence, cooler.


According to Light, the Artifact blog, “We imagined Light as a VR headset for families or groups of friends who want to dabble in virtual reality but above all want to experience it together. Simple, sharable and transparent, it allows the user to stay connected not only to the virtual reality but to her environment and the people around her. A front facing camera allows the user to “see” what is going on around her, while a sharable mode gives them a chance to show others the content they are experiencing.”


On the nature of the Light VR headset, they had this to say: “Design-wise we’re essentially looking at Geordi La Forge’s visor, which is something of a step forward from the space-age gasmask look that we have at the minute.” This headset will have to be far lighter and more natural looking than what we already have available in the market.


On the other end of the process is the Shadow and this is where it gets very serious. Shadow is a collection of VR wearables for gamers who want the most immersive virtual reality experience to interact with others in the virtual space. With Shadow, the computer and battery are incorporated into the hood and shoulder cloak freeing the user from cables and reality. The immersive experience goes beyond sight and extends into hearing and touch with sensors in the arms, hands and body to bring the experience to a whole new height of immersiveness.

Fast Company

This design will probably make the dreams we all had when paying Assassins Creed a reality. We all wondered what it would be like running around medieval Jerusalem in a sweet hoodie jumping around and throwing fists and things at palace guards. Perhaps with this new design you get to live that dream.

Watch the video below

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