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The Virtual Roller Coaster Reality Ride

Roller Coaster VR ride

Roller coaster rides with samsung gear vr always bring excitement. So, imagine you are all set to go on the ride, have buckled yourself up and then you are riding above the hill, but all of a sudden the view seems nothing less than a theme views park.

You enjoy the whole scene, and its non-stop entertainment while you are just seated in one place. The wind blowing in your hair, and your body twists and turns with the G-force as this roller coaster becomes a ride of super enjoyment.

However, it’s not necessary that you have to wear the headset while on the ride. You can choose to take off the headset and enjoy the roller coaster ride in the traditional way. The same way that has been being used for decades.

Riders have described it as a totally new experience and unique. It’s a theme park experience and truly thrilling. It makes the rider feel as if they are up high in the air, but with a totally different feel as to what they would feel if they were on a parachute or something similar. The whole world is said to have an upside down experience. On the negative side, it could create anxiety or nations feelings for riders as well.

Six Flags is the company that has invented this experience for the people, and taken the theme parks ride to another level with the use of virtual reality technology. The experience is very different from the first roller coasters in 1884.

Bonnie Weber, the Six Flags Magic Mountain president has said, “It’s going to have a major impact on attendance.” This means that more people will enjoy he ride. And come for the experience.

A USA Today contributor, Jessica Naziri who went on the ride said, “”That was so exciting. Every roller coaster ride with samsung gear should be VR from now on.” the reason behind her words were, “with the headset strapped on, the ride is now “more immersive. It really feels like you’re in it.”

The New Revolution can be accessible to the public on April 21st and the other Six Flags parks in which virtual reality will be part of the roller coasters include parks near, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Lake George, New York and Montreal. Other theme parks and game companies are sure to utilize virtual reality as well, especially if Six Flag’s New Revolution succeeds.

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