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Virtual Worlds and Social Networking

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Virtual worlds are where you can create objects as part of interacting with others in a 3D environment. You can take on any shape or form you wish to and present yourself as an avatar in the virtual world. Virtual worlds can be based on the real world, while others are completely disconnected from the real world. Whatever form you choose to take, either human or an animal, the main aim is to interact in new exciting ways with other people. Communication is by voice or touch in the more advanced worlds.

Some of the virtual worlds include:

1) Active Worlds


3) Second Life (which is most popular)

4) Kaneva

The main aim of these worlds is to allow people to meet, interact and chat with other people and even if someone leaves, the changes they had made remain the same and the world continues to exist. Some virtual worlds allow multiple users.

Virtual worlds provide an environment for games, but there are other ways they can be used as well; research and education are a few of the ways. ‘Virtual classroom’ is one example of such an environment and this allows students to interact and try new things in a unique safe environment.



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