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VoxieBox Creates Holograms – No Need for Headset


Virtual Reality is one of the most talked about topics at SXSW in Austin, Texas, but it’s also fairly limited as it’s in its infancy.

Currently, to experience VR you need to put on big goggles, unless you’re using Voxiebox. Voxiebox utilize biology and physics to create holograms that you can see, move around and almost touch.

Source voxiebox com
Source: voxiebox.com

The device looks common but works in a very unique way.

Its bottom is made up of a powerful PC with a small display and towards the top is a display roughly the size of a 7-inch tablet. The screen points up towards the ceiling and starts fluttering up and down at a rate of roughly 3,000 frames per second when powered. Then, in place of the screen is a 3D image floating about an inch over the computer. Then the image (whatever the image may be) is rendered as an object.

Source cnn com
Source: cnn.com

Voxiebox uses parts of the original image to help create what’s essentially an optical illusion.

The Chief Technology Officer of Voxon said that the brain is unable to move fast enough to see the gaps. “It keeps a ghost of the previous slice.”

A Voxiebox VR display could become larger. Smith said that they have built one with a screen that’s almost two times as large. Smith said that a screen bigger than that would be limited by material science, physics and the number of frames projected.

Source tbrnewsmedia com
Source: tbrnewsmedia.com


Smith and Voxon Co-founder and COO Will Tamblyn started working on this project in their garage almost 10 years ago when they found out about another team in the U.S. attempting to build a similar product. They partnered and have been creating Voxiebox for about 3 years now.

Their long-term goal is for the product to be used as a game console, but he also sees possibilities in education and other fields as well.

The prototype doesn’t have a price yet and they’re not sure when they will release a commercial product. If anything though, there’s clearly hope for goggle-free holograms.

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