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VR and America’s Cup

At the immersive technology event organized by Air New Zealand, a lot of world’s best brands and developers will exhibit new interactive environments, new technologies, brand activations and entertainment.

Air New Zealand in conjunction with Magnify has agreed to bring giants of the immersive technology industry to New Zealand people as one of the Air New Zealand Inspiring Voices speaker series initiative.

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k1 America's cup

Immersive technology is believed by a lot of people as moving into the public market with a lot of its applications such as media, advertising, tourism, real estate and medicine.

MAGNIFY conference, which is the first of such conference, will place attention on the realistic use of virtual and augmented reality software, hardware applications and services for the individual users and the business community through interactive seminars, demonstrations and panels. It is expected to cover areas such as advertising and brand activation, games, journalism, business application and films.

The event will showcase foreign and local speakers, including Ian Taylor, New Zealand tech innovator and President of Dunedin computer graphics design and production company Animation Research Ltd (ARL). ). ARL deals in sports events all over the world, from yachting to golf to F1 racing. Their sports department, Virtual Eye happens to be a standard model of New Zealand’s innovative and hi-tech impact at the interactive industry’s vanguard.

Virtual Eye has worked for more than 20 years with America’s Cup. They broadcasted last week’s America’s Cup proceedings, which was won by Team New Zealand, to the whole world via their television broadcast and their official application-ARL’s virtual eye viewer. The widening of virtual/augmented reality, as it moves away from the complicated side stream, is believed by a lot of people as being restricted to content rather than hardware. Ian Taylor declared stream, is seen by many experts as tied to content, versus just hardware. Ian Taylor said: “We’re doing a lot at the moment with 360, as in the America’s Cup and golf. The possibilities, the experience, it goes beyond what people imagine. VR puts you in a truly privileged position, from standing at the tee with the golf players to being like the 12th man on the yacht, that seat you pay tens of thousands of dollars for. You are right there, tasting the action. Exciting stuff lies ahead if you tell a good story. It’s about telling really good stories and transforming the experience. You can’t just tell any story and make it about the VR. It will be on the panel at MAGNIFY talking about the power of it and sharing real-life examples. I’m passionate about showing the possibilities of this technology.”

k2 America's cup

Also, commenting about the American’s Cup, he said, “What’s cool is NZ-designed technology is changing the space. Kiwis are at the forefront and it makes sense that this is the next step. The interactive coverage is being produced by Kiwis in New York.”

There will be many interactive sessions at MAGNIFY, which will give opportunities to everyone that comes to experience VR and AR by themselves.

Exhibitors such as New Zealand author James Russell and his Dragon Brother’s Trilogy of children’s books, Reality Virtual’s showcase photogrammetry (extrapolating a 3D realistic virtual view from hundreds of 2D images) of the Sky Tower, Bend VR’s custom bespoke cardboard headsets and the privileges for brand activations with this product.

k3 America's cup

Samsung, a major player in virtual reality and wearable devices will be on ground to showcase the most recent in virtual reality with Gear VR headset, Galaxy S7 Smartphone and their yet-to-be released Gear 360 camera.

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