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VR Binding the Trio of Artists, Content Curators And Technology Companies

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Long before now, 2016 has been predicted widely amongst virtual reality experts as the year when VR finally comes into its own. This year will see huge leaps and advancements in the science and technology of virtual reality and the leading computer hardware manufacturers will soon all adopt the VR technology. VR in essence is here to stay. As of now there is a very high demand for the higher end Oculus Rift and the low to mid-priced products are also gaining ground in the market.

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More than 5 million people are already using virtual reality systems and the top dogs of the industry like Google are even giving way to inventors and innovators to create their own low-tech headsets by giving them access to cardboard specs. This will likely introduce a whole new demographic and horizon to the world and possibilities of VR.

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The opportunities abound to VR are manifold and one of the areas where it can have a really big impact is in cinema and live theatre. Artists, content curators and technology companies can take advantage of this technology and come together to bring theatre and live arts to more viewers. Bringing live performances to audiences using VR lets people experience the moment with a real emotional connection and major companies like the Universal Music Group and the likes are constantly exploring the limits and boundaries of art and VR.

Road To VR

Virtual reality presents an opportunity to produce live immersive events on virtual reality platforms and several organizations are using VR to create live theatre. With this technology, performers who have a fair amount of stage experience can stretch their skills beyond the roles they’d normally play.

With the help of a little virtual reality tricks designed to convey depth and dimension, the makers of Mr & Mrs Dream showed viewers virtual images without having to wear headsets or special VR glasses. In this virtually enhanced show, a set-up of screens and projectors that were mobile were utilized and they stood as the backdrop for a performance that featured live dancers. This is one of the ways virtual reality even without the actual technology in the sense of glasses and headsets, has impacted theatre.


So many big companies like the Universal music group and iHeartradio are working tirelessly to bring live performances to a much broader audience by using virtual reality. These companies have partnered to create a virtual entertainment system that would let audiences connect with their favorite actors and artists via virtual performances. With a VR headset, people can now experience concerts and shows from anywhere across the globe.

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The value that VR brings to live theater is immense and a price tag is not yet on it, but the immediate benefits are very tangible to art and music lovers and performers. Shows that would normally have been out of reach to audiences either based on location or ticket pricing are now accessible to everyone and anyone with a VR headset. New barriers are broken and set and the thresholds are pushed further and further. An artist who is not limited by time or geography can accomplish so much and anything is possible on the virtual stage. Your imagination is your only limit.

Road To VR

The value of VR in live theatre hasn’t yet been expressed in dollars, but the benefits to art and music lovers are clear. Performances that would otherwise be out of reach because of location or ticket price or exclusivity will become accessible to anyone with a VR headset. New frontiers for actors and musicians will develop – what can someone accomplish as an artist when he or she isn’t limited by time or by physics? On the virtual stage, anything is possible and it’s already easy to see that artists’ imaginations could be the only factor that limits the potential.

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