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Virtual Reality Can Help Humanity

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Humanity isn’t perfect by any means. We have all sorts of issues whether they be health crises, violence, government corruption, inability for some people to feed their families and more.

 Smart cities are at the front of the Internet of Things as cities aim to streamline communication and enhance people’s lives while hopefully saving some money too.

 The above points were all mentioned by Gentry Lane, the CEO and Founder of TDO Productions. TDO Productions is a virtual reality production studio that wants to do good for people.


Gentry said, “We walk by really horrible situations as if they’re not there and that’s a loss of humanity.”

 She noted that root of all of this isn’t just in movies or video games, but rather the constant exposure that’s desensitizing people to bad things whether they be violence or something else.

 Gentry thinks that virtual reality is the best way to tell a story since it enables people to experience things they wouldn’t experience otherwise and they can experience these through someone else’s view. She thinks that because of this, virtual reality can help humanity.


She noted four reasons as to why she thinks virtual reality can help humanity.

1) VR is not regulated: It’s safe to say that virtual reality will eventually be regulated.

2) 0% suspension of disbelief: Considering people are able to get hooked on a movie or TV show, they should be able to get much more hooked when in an immersive virtual reality world.


3) Nobody to get past: There aren’t “gatekeepers” that people need to get past. Gentry said, “We have the power to be super crazy creative.”

4) Captive audiences: Audiences that are actually paying attention equals less noise and a more focused message. Gentry said, “We can make people cry, we can grab them by the hearts.”


Gentry does think that there’s a big responsibility with virtual reality since it can actually be hard to remember that virtual reality isn’t real.

She said, “We can do better than the sort of content that’s coming out right now.”

At the end of the day, Gentry feels that there are a few things that VR should do for the viewers. The viewer should be more educated or informed or left them in a better place in some way.

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