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Virtual Reality Could Change How We Buy Coffee?

Drinking coffee

People who wore Google Glass in public got laughed at a good amount or at least got weird looks. Well, now check out what Magic Leap is releasing.


Magic Leap is a company that has a ton of funding and is fairly mysterious as they get into the VR and AR business. The Florida-based company recently filed a patent application with the intention of making the main platform for digital content that overlays in physical locations.


In addition to that, they also proposed a plan for creating an interactive way for people to buy coffee virtually.

The main part of the patent focuses on features that allow 2 or more people to share VR and AR content at the same time. This is a crucial feature to get right for gamers as well as businesses, which is what Magic Leap is supposedly thinking about.

Also in the patent, Magic Leap talks about several examples of digital and virtual interfaces mixing in with actual physical environments with several devices and people.

One of the especially intriguing parts of the patent is the talk about ordering a cup of coffee.


Here’s this part of the patent:

The [virtual reality system] may be configured to utilize sensing and data gathering capabilities, locally and/or remotely, to provide display enhancements in augmented and/or virtual reality for the person, such as highlighted locations of doors in the coffee establishment or bubble windows of the pertinent coffee menu.


When the person receives the cup of coffee that he has ordered, or upon detection by the system of some other pertinent parameter, the system may be configured to display one or more time-based augmented or virtual reality images, video, and/or sound in the local environment with the display device, such as a Madagascar jungle scene from the walls and ceilings, with or without jungle sounds and other effects, either static or dynamic (emphasis mine).


The jungle scene would then be able to turn off after a certain amount of time or when the coffee is done filling up. This may possibly be the future.

Watch the video below



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