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VR Competitive Market: Samsung, LG Seek to Lead


The duo of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are in the consistent activities of creating the ecosystem for virtual reality (VR) contents. Earlier this year, both companies started promoting partnerships, which was established with aim of taking the leadership position in the VR camera market and at the same time competing with global leading companies.

Information available from the industry reveals that on April 31st of this year, LG Electronics produced b-boying and taekwondo contents along with Red Bull, an energy drink company in Austria, using its VR camera LG 360 CAM and posted them on the Internet, including YouTube. This is a systematic way of showcasing new contents, innovation and capacity. Since the internet allows for instant messages and responses, the feedback from viewers will help in the area providing opportunity for improvement.

LG Electronics engaged the Korean dance team Jin-jo Crew, which won five major b-boy dance competitions, including World B-Boy Championship, and Brazil band Rapercussion to form a collaboration that saw the production the b-boying video content. As Rapercussion play their percussion instruments to beat time in a circle, Jin-jo Crew were dancing inside of the circle. As per the taekwondo video content, the first extreme taekwondo team “MIRME Taekwondo” performed to the beat.

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Earlier in March, The VR camera LG 360 CAM was officially certified as product compatible with Google Street View content standard. Thus, LG Electronics is continuously and consistently joining hands with global leading firms to expand the VR content ecosystem. The aim is if this is properly done, it will propel them to the leadership position in the VR market and a competitive edge.

Samsung Electronics on the other hand, established partnerships with Everland and Facebook. To showcase the intended experience that company is bringing to the users, Samsung Electronics set up a Gear VR Adventure room at Everland in Yongin on April 24. With 20 seats at the 4D simulator at the room, guests can experience T Express and Horror Maze, which are two most popular rides at Everland, using images produced with Samsung Electronics’ VR cam “Gear 360”. This was a unique experience to showcase the capacity and capability of the Samsung Electronic’ VR cam “Gear 360”, which is expected to be a leader in the market.

Formerly, the company had declared the partnership with Facebook at the Mobile World Congress in February, 2016 held in Barcelona, Spain. Also, to show the close relationship with Facebook, Samsung Electronics provided the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR to 2,500 to developers as they participated in the annual developer meeting “F8 2016” held last month.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are constantly reinventing virtual reality (VR) contents as they try to be the leading forces in the global market.

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