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VR Could Drastically Change The Airplane Experience

VR Could Drastically Change The Airplane Experience

It is said that in the near future, the window of the commercial airplanes will be a VR headset instead.
This was drawn out by the Imperial College in London who demonstrated what the aircraft will look like in the 2050 with biofuel engines and live images.

VR Could Drastically Change The Airplane Experience 2

Not just the windows, the LCD screens will also be replaced by the VR where games and films can be watched in 3D.
Some of the features of these planes will be as follows:

1) The plane will have 6 biofuel engines.
2) The jet will be wider and shorter in length
3) It will encompass more passengers than normal with a lounge as well
4) The headsets installed will fold away during take offs and automatically be available when in air.
5) The jet will have all indoor facilities to be automated.
6) The walls of the jet will portray different images which would include maps, and when night then relaxing images will appear so the passengers can enjoy a beautiful sleep.

Moreover, the aircraft will be more environmental friendly and comfortable. With more room and entertainment traveling will be more fun and beyond imagination.




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