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VR Cups Lense Is A Must Have


Virtual experiences are changing with each passing day and is now available on smartphones. In order to play a certain game or experience a feeling, one needs to have a headset on. But with VR cups, all that is a past tense.

Their physical appearance is similar to a pair of large glasses and they have lenses underneath them. The cups contain glue-like fluid that enables it to attach itself to the display. They look like shot glasses with plastic lenses at the bottom of them.

The VR Cups have its disadvantages. When operating other VR headsets, the user is able to determine the length of the lenses to adjust them to get the best focus. With VR cups, it’s nearly impossible since they are attached to the display. But the main concern is that the user cannot be able to operate the display once the cups are stuck on it if a need arises, the only way to access the display is to get rid of the VR cups.

When they are attached correctly, they function quite well and the lenses are larger than other VR products such as the Homido Mini. They aren’t expensive, the cups will be going for less than 20 dollars.

Watch the video below




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