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Virtual Reality Entertainment Hits Tokyo

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Due to advancements in a variety of different technologies, including sensors, virtual reality is beginning to grow rapidly. It also helps that many people now believe in it, specifically investors that are throwing their money at virtual reality.

There are even analysts who predict that the VR market for products could be as high as $70 billion or more by the year 2020.

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently opened “VR ZONE Project I Can”, which is a unique entertainment complex in Tokyo.


The thing that’s so exciting about virtual reality is that it enables people to feel as though they’re actually in the experience or the video that they’re watching.

The facility at Bandai Namco enables people to experience 6 different types of virtual reality with everything from a chair moving at the same time as the images a user is seeing to a ski type controller and more. There are even acrophobia types of experience in 360 degree environments that are based around rescuing a cat that’s stuck on the ledge at the top of a tall building.


Kunihisa Yagishita, General Manager at Bandai Namco, said, We want to surpass arcade and video game centers.”

People have to make reservations in order to enjoy the VR experiences and the reservations as of now are already completely booked until the first week in May.

Even though virtual reality technology started to be developed in the 1980s, they never hit the masses. That’s until now, that smartphones have been produced to the masses and the virtual reality technology itself has improved drastically. All of that combined with lots of funding from investors is what’s helping to propel the resurgence of virtual reality.


Many companies are diving in. The Wall Street Journal even recently started to publish VR images and Kajima, a Japanese construction company has released a VR system for people to see images of a building that’s not yet completed or in other words a virtual tour.

There are going to be several potential issues that need to be figured out as the technology grows. One of those issues is how virtual reality works with kids and any negative effects that it could bring. In any case though, virtual reality is set to keep expanding.

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