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VR Entertainment for Kids

Samsung’s Gear VR’s finest apps are quite stress-free to install and users can now have an immersive enjoyable experience.

However, apart from gaming and movie-watching, a person can as well learn a couple of things using the virtual reality headset and maybe more. Samsung has added some training and educational software for their virtual reality gizmo. Listed below are a few of Bedtime VR Stories :

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House of Languages

This is an awesome application that children can use to learn different languages in a humorous way. It is staged in an environment that is cartoon-like with the virtual teacher being an adorable raccoon called Mr. Woo. There are options to learn English, Spanish, or German. Typical object that can be found inside the kid’s room would appear over the raccoon’s head while calls the name of the item in the language that is currently being learned.

Virtual Paint

Created by the developers of House of Languages; this software allows users to paint without the use of hands, just head movements only. The developer, Fox 3D, took into careful consideration disabled individuals, giving everyone a medium for creativity.

The company stated, “Our mission is to give everyone the experience of freedom found in drawing, to feel the unlimited potential of creating unique art with virtual paints, canvas and brush. This is a hands-free application. You do not need a touchpad or controller.”

Bedtime VR Stories

This one is so much fun for both parents and kids as parents can narrate bedtime stories, even while being distant from each other. Samsung sure knows how crucial bedtime stories are to family bonding, and so even when tight work schedules keep parents from kids at bedtime, they can, through this app, communicate and share BT stories.

Speech Centre VR

Many people fear public speaking more than being blown to molecule-sized bits with a neutron bomb. However, with Speech Centre VR there’s no need to fear public speaking anymore as this app will help you improve your public speaking skills. It sets the user behind a pulpit in a conference room filled to capacity and allow them rehearse a presentation delivery. It also offers a few nuggets and pointers on public speaking.

AltSpace VR

A virtual reality environment with social networking embedded; this could be the future of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Another app, NextVR will enable a user to attend events, front row seat, streaming live in 180⁰ of view.

Samsung Internet allows surfing the internet through personal virtual reality headset, Netflix subscribers can also enjoy this feature as the app works well on the Gear VR headset.

The Samsung Gear VR is accessible in Best Buy and Amazon for US$99, and there are significantly more bedtime VR stories and applications to appreciate.



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