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VR Exec Predicts That Virtual Reality Will Make People More Connected

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VR Exec predicts that virtual reality have its advantage Although virtual reality is the new tech craze, some people fear the future it offers. Challengers have said that people will prefer living in the virtual world to the real one, hence getting wasted away in headsets. They argue that it will be the beginning of losing touch with humanity.

However, CEO of Voke, Sankar Jayaram disagrees and says that virtual reality will make people be involved more with the real world and more connected to humanity. It is an extension rather than a replacement.

Source Geekwire com
Source: Geekwire.com

He said, “The cell phone and internet helps a grandmother see the first steps of her grandchild on another content over Skype. In reality, she is not in the same room physically to witness the event. So was she part of the reality or was she not? Did her participation replace the ‘real’ reality? Of course not.”

The sports and music virtual reality company, Voke, raised $12.5 million from investors to build on this vision. Voke became the first ever company to transmit live soccer footage and in real stereoscopic VR to a headset. This made the viewer’s feel like they were standing with coaches on the field, hence vr exec augments real life interests and connections. Jayaram hopes that at the end, there will be no blurred lines between virtual and actual, hence making new possibilities for human experience. But as the lines blur, some people get increasingly fearful that people will no longer be able to tell what is real from what is not real.

Source Geekwire com
Source: Geekwire.com

Jayaram added that today’s reality was very different from reality in the past due to technology which he didn’t have when he was growing up. Our perception of reality changes with the times, hence it is hard to say that we would be losing touch with reality when we experience life in VR.

Finally, Jayaram sees technology enriching people’s lives by connecting them to experiences or activities that are useful to them. He went on to say, “The hope is that (virtual reality) becomes something as significant and dramatic in impact as the mobile phone. As the technology evolves, people will continue to come up with compelling content and important applications to serve a wide spectrum of people.”

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