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VR Expands Educational Tours: FieldscapesVR


Daden Limited, a U.K Based firm, produces visualization and learning systems using VR, planning also to include a few more virtual sites to their recently released Android software, Fieldscapes VR.

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Fieldscape as well allows its users to make their personal virtual reality environments without requiring knowledge of programming language.

Furthermore, Daden Limited is currently working on a web-based visualization tool that enables Datascape2XL, a recently released 3D data visualization app, to run on web browsers.

Presently, users can go on a virtual tour of the Wall of China, or the Grand Canyon or other renowned tourism sites.

Flexibility of use

The managing director of Daden Limited, David Burden, told Hypergrid Business that sites to be included will span from man-built structures like theatres to natural environments such as solar system and planets.

“The funded project is due to finish at the end of October and the big UK education tech show is in January,” said Burden. “We may have an update to the smartphone version later in the autumn.”

Moreover, teachers will also be able to pick-n-choose from already existing sites and upload personal packages unto the online data platform.

Utilizing the app, student will get more informed opinion about a location before actually going there, and also their idea of place and context evaluation; and enhance exam revisions.



According to Burden, the apps pricing to instructors will certainly be proportional to some other publishers’ educational packages.

“The schools buy access and then give that access free to their users, the students,” said Burden. “There will probably be an ‘all you can eat’ model to get access to everything for everyone, and then more limited models for people who just want to try it or have a very limited use case.”

It is going to be very akin to other virtual reality educational handouts including Expeditions VR and Nearpod VR from Google, which are platforms that allow students go on controlled virtual tours to sites around the world to gather knowledge about culture, geography, math, social studies, etc.


Burden stated that Datascape2XL, which is the company’s second generation 3D graphic diagnostic merchandise and which also is currently in closed beta, will most probably be accessible for desktop and be harnessed using devices like the Oculus Rift.

It allows the movement of graphic data and also hovers around with the use of a 3D mouse/keyboard, or game controller. “We expect most people will just use it on an ordinary personal computer with a 2D screen,” said Burden.

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