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Virtual Reality Festival Traveling Across the World

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Kaleidoscope is a festival that’s calling itself “the best in virtual reality film, art, and immersive experiences”. The festival is touring the world and is essentially equivalent to a film festival that tours the world.

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The company was founded in Paris in March and their first tour was 10 cities over the span of 42 days. They finished the tour in Melbourne, Australia. Kaleidoscope possesses a community of developers, filmmakers and a slew of people that are creating different types of VR experiences. Nick Ochoa is Kaleidoscope’s global VR evangelist. 

Nick said, “We noticed the compelling VR content that we were seeing was being done by small groups of talented artists, just like us. So we decided that we wanted to be a studio for these artists and we want to bring these artists in. That’s Kaleidoscope, really. It’s not just us but all the artists in our community who work with us to build projects, to create things.”

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Primarily, Kaleidoscope provides 360-degree film experiences. Nick Ochoa added, “We’re here to celebrate the pioneers. People aren’t making money on this yet. It’s financed by artists themselves with their blood, sweat and tears.”

“Tana Pura” is one of the experiences at Kaleidoscope that’s particularly interesting. The director is Mike Tucker whose working for Magic Leap, a secretive virtual reality startup. The experiences is partially based around the Tibetan Book of the Dead and is meant to show the soul’s journey in the afterlife while being fairly interactive.

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Ochoa said, “The tools and the distribution platforms and the things that are going to support the VR market are being created right now,” said Ochoa. “So what’s going to happen once they are out, once people have time with them? I’m just really excited to see what happens next year”.

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