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VR: First Roller Coaster in Canada

If reality was not frightening enough, La Ronde introduced its latest transportation on Wednesday – it’s a virtual reality roller coaster.

It makes The Goliath, formerly the tallest and best roller coaster in Canada until it was exceeded by Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland, into a panorama from a science-fiction movie.

Riders put on virtual reality (VR) glasses that reveal fighter pilots attacking an alien warship.

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“There’s aliens attacking. If you have a look around, you have a complete environment in which you’re submerged,” alleged La Ronde spokesperson Jules Hebert on the first day of trying it out.

This writer was one of the very first people to attempt the latest ride and it was certainly a distinctive experience.

Typically, the ascend to the first dive is the most stressful part of a roller coaster – but in this one, it seems like a puff of air because it is like you are watching a movie.

The most intimidating aspect of it is looking forward to what is going to take place next because you can not really see what is ahead of you.

It is a fascinating experience that is based on what is actually fearful – swiftness and tallness – but by making use of VR, it becomes much of a sensory experience.

After three journeys, this writer could not control it any more (no, he did not vomit).

Each plunge and leap the ride makes is reflected by what is on the monitor.

The objective is to mix physical excitement with a big imagination.

“The physical experience matches what you’re seeing,” supposed Philippe Lozier, with Samsung Canada, who made available all the mobiles and headsets that each rider puts on before getting on board.

It is the very first virtual reality roller coaster in the whole of Canada.

Nevertheless, it still needs to answer the question: is it more frightening to see the plunge, or not know exactly what is pending?


With a 52-meter dive and speeds of up to 110 km/h, it is left for you to choose whether or not the ability to see is a comfort or a challenge.

“This will suit many people who are kind of anxious, who are scared of coasters,” said Hebert.

A first timer experience of virtual reality: what he first felt was dizziness he was later informed that dizziness is categorized as a negative thing in virtual world.

“Dizzy sounds you’re not having a good time” said J.B McRee, the senior manager of product marketing for HTC, who was explaining a demonstration of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. But this new user said he was having a nice time, it was his first time making use of virtual reality and being totally overwhelmed by a virtual environment.

The HTC Vive headset is popularly believed to be one of the best virtual reality devices on the consumer market based on the fact that it permits users to move without hindrances within the digital environments. Some other headsets only permit you to stand in one place or sit in one place.

The device – which comprises headset, two base stations and two wireless controllers – permits you to walk, jump, stand up and relate with the virtual environments.

l3  virtual reality  roller coaster

Your movements are monitored by the base station and connect with the 32 dimpled sensors at the front of the headset – permitting you to move around in your “play store” without hindrances.

Watch the video below



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