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VR Game: Chronos is The Real Deal

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Virtual reality is not a new phenomenon, rather it has been talked about for a long period of time. But 2016 has marked the confirmation of the new era of virtual reality as this is the year when the various products such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear are all going to come into the market.

The Game Developers Conference in 2016, has shown the world of virtual reality in great detail. There were several different game demos and lots of news for consumers beginning to show the hype becoming reality.

Hundreds of people at the show were seen using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets. However, some of the games seemed to be at their early phases and were more like if we were playing some sort of tech demo. But the true VR game was experienced when the people sat down and played Chronos. To many, it seemed like the real VR game.

If you like subtle games, then Chronos is not for you because it is a fully packed adventurous designed game. It has been set up by Gunfire Games, which is an Austin based studio. The members of the studio are the former members of the Darksiders developers, Vigil Games. Thus, Chronos seems to be a mixture of both Darksiders and Dark Souls. Chronos therefore, is a two in one game which lets the player navigate through an environment full of fantasy. All which can be experienced in virtual reality. Though most of the experiences are from the medieval Europe’s era, there is also a contemporary and modern feel which makes the game really unique and enjoyable.

The game starts by first creating your character and then you choose the weapon you would want to play with in the game. After you’re done with setting up, the player is all set to place a foot into the mysterious world and delve into the deep levels of Chronos.

Players should be all ready to face death and also be punished when they do. The death of the player, makes the player age and slows the process by a year but no worries, with being old it’s not that you cannot proceed with the game. The player can keep playing the game even when they’re old, with all the strength they have.

The game has others features as well, such as solving puzzles and has some shortcuts which will unlock other levels so that you don’t have to just fight through the whole game.

It’s a whole new experience and it’s fun because there are no swords swinging in or crazy moving objects around the screen, rather the player plays as a third party and it seems the player is directing the scene. The player has the top-down view and can see how high or low they are in the depth of the labyrinth. This makes the scene beautiful and over the top, in a cool way.

Chronos is a Virtual Reality game which will keep you wanting to play more. It is a 10-20 hour long game. There has also been a debate whether traditional games can be enjoyed in virtual reality or not, but the ones who stood for VR games, proved themselves with the game Chrono.

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