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VR Game Created with 3rd Person Perspective

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The game utilizes a third person perspective unlike the typical first person perspective. The reason being is that it’s been said that many people tend to get dizzy or feel discomfort when in the first person mode.

So, Insomniac wanted to create a game where the players were very comfortable and to do that they felt the way to go was a third person perspective.

Now that they figured out how to get their players comfortable, they wanted to make sure the game was created to be rather intense.

Brian Allgeier, Insomniac’s Creative Director, said, “We also just love the idea of VR and horror. That fear of not known what’s around each corner and being able to look around it.”

The game, Edge of Nowhere, places the players in the shoes of Victor Howard, whose a guy that’s searching for his friends in the very snowy Antarctica. 

It’s not known as to when the game is going to officially launch, but rumors are that it will be launching sometime in Spring 2016.


Watch the video below




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