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A New and Exciting VR Game from Tension

VR game from Tension

Virtual reality has really taken off in so many parts of the world, and we have all seen it being utilized in so many areas that range from entertainment to education to exhibitions and even training and flight simulations. The newest addition the long list of virtual reality projects is this new VR game from Tension.

The first-ever virtual reality center in the United Kingdom is set to open in Lincoln next month. In the exciting program, participating families will be responsible for finding the stolen Magna Carta. To get back this valuable document, they will have to find physical clues and answer a number of questions as they learn about Lincoln’s history. Players can also be taken to completely different dimensions in faraway galaxies and places.

New VR Game from Tension Excites Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

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First ever Virtual Reality Center in the UK

Virtual reality gaming is one area that has really boomed, and it is always exciting to be a part of these games. Users can experience abstract and imagined concepts as though they were actually characters thanks to the fully immersive nature of virtual reality.

To save the world from impending danger and disaster, players will have to come with their A game and use their problem solving skills while working in a team to complete the mission in just one hour. The company bringing this virtual reality entertainment not just to Lincoln but to the United Kingdom is Tension.



Lincolnshire born Simon Adderley shared, “I’ve been in business all over the world. Lincoln seems to have got its act together in the last ten years, with the university and the emphasis being placed on the cathedral and its history. The city has an awful lot going for it. If we went to London, yeah it would be unique, but in Lincoln we can be a flagship business. That’s what we really hope to do.”

The VR game from Tension and other projects started by the VR center are available to play for anyone within the age of 8 to 80, and people with special needs can also participate in the fun. Adderley said, “This works equally well for being who are not able bodied. It’s completely inclusive.”

Virtual Reality Game

The inclusive nature of this game is quite impressive, as it takes everybody along with specific attention paid to people of various ages and different physical or mental abilities.

“The equipment we’ve got is really good for assisting children with special needs, autistic, ADHD, Asperger’s, because the sensory way we can input information,” Adderly shared.

The VR game from Tension can be played once the center opens.

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