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VR Games Will Take the Sales Up a Notch in E-Sports

vr sales going up

In the unending rivalry of the console and PC gaming, specialists are foreseeing that PC’s will dominate the competition throughout the following couple of years. Research by DFC Intelligence shows that the PC business sector will push the worldwide diversion programming business sector to $100 billion by 2019, with $36 billion coming specifically from PC’s. In case these projections are right, then that would make the PC the single biggest source for game software sales.


The Rise And Rise Of E-Sports

E-Sports is not new, but it’s become more popular over the years with worldwide rivalries that pull in a large number of individuals and has turned out to be very profitable for gamers and organizations alike.

Microsoft’s Xbox divisions’ Phil Spencer trusts e-games which will be generally as prevalent as real games in the not too distant future.

While at the Halo World Championship tournament in Hollywood, CA, Spencer said, “You look at the number of people who play games, you look at the different platforms people are playing on, you look at the money that’s pouring in, the broadcasts. I think there’s no cap to what E- Sports can become. E- Sports is going to be as big as regular sports.”

It’s hard to differ with him when The Halo World Championship got lots of coverage on ESPN. On the other side, over a million individuals joined to play in the late FIFA Interactive World Cup facilitated by worldwide soccer body FIFA and Electronic Arts’ EA Sports division.


Virtual Reality, Real Dollars

VR has additionally been the hot issue in the world of innovation in the course of recent years which is on account of various progressions that have made the innovation more moderate for purchasers. Recently, Valve has started SteamVR for the general public and gamers to test it.

According to Christopher Atwood, the SteamVR demo lets you know if your Personal Computer is capable of handling the strain of VR alongside a normal loyalty rating to give you an idea of how your framework stacks up against different apparatuses.


That will be vital considering the close boundless choices VR will offer buyers other than gamers. AMD’s Corporate VP of Alliances & Technology, Roy Taylor, talked about his view of how VR can support non-gamer buyers in an assortment of ways:

“I think what we’re going to see is people using VR to start to produce goods and services in VR, and that will become an industry in and of itself,” says Taylor. “So things like real estate, instead of going out and spending the whole day looking at houses, you’ll just use the VR and you’ll view the houses in VR.”

“I’m very optimistic that 2016 will be the year that PC gaming finally breaks the $30 billion milestone in software revenues,” says Open Gaming Alliance board of director member Matt Ployhar. “Not only was there a bumper crop of new PC game releases such as Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto V, & Metal Gear Solid V performing really well on PC for 2015, but this year another incredible lineup of games is on deck with World of Warcraft Legion, Civilization VI, Doom 4, and Dishonored 2. Strong release schedules like this also tend to bode well for vendors on the hardware side of the business, too.”


The DFC displayed its examination discoveries to OGA individuals at the latest Game Developers Conference in early March.


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