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VR Gaming Lists – Flight Simulator Games, Racing Games and More

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We will be discussing the experience of working in Russia’s VR market. During the whole year, Virtual Reality has been in consideration and talked about a lot, its future business sector gauges, the enthusiasm of expansive partnerships, designers and gamers.

Road To VR

Currently the Virtuality Club has facilitated and entertained more than 3,000 guests and gamers and has over 60 virtual reality games via flight simulators, racing, entertainment, shooters, loathsomeness, activity, and instructive recreations.

One of the primary focal points of the club in Russia is ability for friends to play together.

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The lists below are some of the great VR games in different categories.

VR Flight Simulator Games

The longing to fly at the controls of a real air vehicle has always attracted lots of gamers, so the class of flight simulators ought to be a standout amongst the most popular among clients of virtual reality. Oculus Rift CV1 is going to include a flight simulator EVE: Valkyrie.

1) WarThunder

Game Spot

One of the best games with the same realistic controls and gameplay. Awesome flight simulators.

2) Air Drift

Fully PC Games

Flights with beautiful scenes and controlled using head developments.

3) Vanguard V

Game Spot

Flying in space through the asteroids and adversary attacks using HMD.

4) StarWars

Team VV

The most popular and talked about, the Star Wars universe is frequently in demand.

5) Star Conflict

Mania Planet

Large-scale space battles on starships. Many clients pick exactly these however not tip top: dangerous.

VR Racing Games


It is completely integrated with popular games in Virtual Reality and emulating the developments taking place in the game.

1) Project CARS

Cyber Space

Pioneer among the hustling test system with virtual reality support right now. An extensive variety of autos, different tuning, magnificent illustrations and obviously the system mode.

2) Live for Speed

Plus Google

Reasonable dashing test system with an expansive choice of autos.

3) Assetto Corsa

Plus Google

Reasonable test system with pleasant representation.

4) Trackmania

Dual Shockers

Insane race with a complete absence of physical laws.

5) Blaze Rush

Hybrid Tech Car

Dynamic arcade survival hustling.

VR Fun & Entertaining Games

Road To VR

In this Genre, there are countless demos for VR, exciting rides, attractions and even a couple full recreations made particularly for virtual reality. Here are some of them.

Road To VR

1) I Expect You To Die
2) NoLimits 2 and Castle Coaster
3) Senza Peso
4) Ocean Rift and Time Machine VR
5) Minecraft

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