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VR Gear that Doubles as Clothing? Where Do We Sign Up?

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We have been waiting for years for some new form of technology that can respark our imaginations and lead us in a new path. We as human beings need to be stimulated mentally to achieve great things, or at least, we are buying into that thought more and more. But this is a new era and people are beginning to welcome virtual reality with open arms as it floats into our lives on the wings of the Oculus Rift. But to rival the Rift, there is a new optimal product linking us to virtual reality, and that’s just a hoodie.

When you decide to mix clothing designers and technological gurus, you’ll only almost always end up with an awesome result and with that we introduce to you Artefact (technology and design company) and its stimulating hoody, “The Shadow”. Can you imagine a piece of fabric with built in sensors and technology that is as functional as it is awesome? The only question is if you would feel safe or comfortable wearing something that can cost so much, to work or to the gym.

vr-headset-concepts-for hoodie
Artefact Group

The clothing article would bring a newer and more impactful height of optical amazement for whomever wears it. A neat little feature that comes equipped with this item is the mini camera that has the capabilities of mimicking your facial expressions. Just imagine scowling in real life because you end up stubbing your toe on a wall and then you also scowl in your game. If we can take this one level further then it would be awesome if the other characters in the game could respond to your facial expressions also.

Perhaps the only downside to VR is the fact that you cannot share what you’re experiencing, for the most part it’s only meant for the solo individual. But this hoody offers us the option of sharing what we can see, the visor can be utilized to the display the individuals eyes to project what we are witnessing.

The headset attaches to computer modules and batteries that are placed on the shoulders so that there are no cords that are visible to the naked eye, making this one of the only ‘wireless’ models on the market and possibly the coolest also.

Last but not least the Shadow gives us wrist sensors so that when we move our arms or phalanges so does our characters. We can even give off birdies if we wanted to.


This is seriously a technology that we cannot wait to advance even further. We can anticipate shoes, and gloves and even sunglasses. There are no real limitations to what can really advance from this point. As far as we know, this company already has prototypes for other clothing articles already on the shop block and are working on sending them out after getting decent reviews on their products.

One concern with the Shadow hoodie though is the fact that it may or may not be washable. Obviously, if you’re playing an interactive game wearing a hoodie, you’re bound to sweat a bit in your new product. Then if that happens, how do you wash it? Is it even possible? Is it dry clean only? There is most likely still some tweaking that needs to be done, but this is pretty cool.




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