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VR Headsets Could Lead to Funny Moments

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Virtual Reality is a serious topic but to some it has its own Funny moments with humans will undoubtedly make waves throughout the real world in 2016 and the years to come. The question is how much disruption will virtual reality bring to the world? The answer may simply be “A LOT OF DISRUPTION”. We don’t know all of the industries that will be disrupted yet though.

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What people aren’t thinking too much into is the fact that as revolutionary as VR is, there may be some funny (hopefully not serious) accidents that come with it.

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Let’s take for example a person using a VR headset. That person tries to sit on a couch, forgetting that the couch isn’t real. He or she will then have a little tumble. Yeah – that’s right, there may be many funny moments because of VR headsets in the form of people forgetting that they’re in a “virtual world”. We shall see.

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