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VR Headsets – You May Have One Someday

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One day you may have your own virtual reality headset, as experts say it’s the future.

The headsets can be magical, but can make some people nauseous and sometimes virtual reality can feel real. For example, you could use the headset to view different rooms of a house, through still images and get to know if the house is up to your taste without going there physically.

Makers of some systems prohibit use for children under 7 and recommend adult supervision. Students could eventually attend class inside their headsets because it’s comfortable and engaging. Before using the headset for a long time, the experience has to be gentler on our equilibrium.

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Endurance is also another issue related to virtual reality headsets; it could make you spend a lot of time while in it.

But… What if VR could help people conquer their fears, be empathetic to others and also make us behave better? Jeremy Bailenson, founder of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, explains that this happens and its goal is to shape our social perspective with experiences we wouldn’t normally have. Crowd simulation helps overcome public-speaking anxiety.

The scariest thing about VR is that the brain can’t differentiate a compelling VR experience from something happening in the physical world.

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The high-end headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are being shipped soon, but they require you to have a powerful desktop computer with motion trackers to mark your gaming space.

We may all find our own use for a VR headset, just like we did with computers. It’s an awesome experience and one day you may too join the movement and experience VR with your own headset.


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