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VR Helps Treat Stroke Patients


In the labs of Barcelona, the researchers are researching and proving the fact that computers with the VR concept can help in healing patients who suffered a stroke.

This is not a mere imagination, but it has been implemented on a patient named Gloria who suffered through a stroke after she gave birth to her second child. The stroke had almost paralyzed her completely.

Gloria then experimented with a new rehab program based through VR gaming.


She has been proof that the concept can work as medicine. She said that the gaming improved the movement in her arms naturally.

The actual reason behind the healing is that it is all about the mind game. You teach the brain to control movements then movement is possible. The same is achieved through the VR gaming.

A physician at the Vall d’ Hebron stated that patients with a stroke usually damage their power of the brain and through this technology it has made it possible that you can rehabilitate the damaged side of the brain resulting in movement.

Susan Rodriguez Gonzalez has further stated, “Alterations in language, swallowing problems, equilibrium disorders, neuro- psychological problems, attention disorders… We could also address those issues with tools like this.

VR Gear

Strokes not only affect the patient’s physical strength and psychomotor activity. We could also address those issues with virtual reality tools like the one that we have developed.”

The project has been successful and soon this VR gaming to help stroke patients will be available in all clinics across Europe soon.



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