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Virtual Reality Hits Android

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It’s one thing to have a key in your hand, but it’s another thing when you have the ability to unlock new words and experiences with that key. Android is allowing people to do so through your phone by implementing the Cardboard platform, created by Google. This technology will also let you use low grade VR movies and video clips.

This is a nice concept simply because if you are watching a clip on your phone, then you still have the ability to actually move around the scene that you’re watching. If you want to watch a fighting sequence and you think it would be better to watch from the side or even if you want to watch from an eagle eye perspective, then you can also do that. This turns media viewing into an interactive experience because you become a bystander instead of someone that’s just viewing off screen.

While using cardboard there are a few mentionable apps like Vrse but if you don’t feel like searching for a decent app you can also just look up clips or videos on YouTube and even though this is in a younger phase, just imagine a few months down the road, maybe on Hulu you’ll eventually be able to interact while viewing your favorite mini series. The simplicity behind getting set up is mind blowing. Just have your android phone, the correct content and a viewer and you’re all set to go.

However, it is important for you to understand that these viewable Android looking videos cannot be truly called VR videos even though they are made on the same concepts, since they are viewable in a 360 degree way. But currently that’s the extent, so for now these are being called 360 videos. The one crucial thing missing is the ability to fool us with a perception of depth.

The technology behind being able to distinguish the difference between objects that are further from you and within arms-reach is done through a technology known as stereoscopic 3D. And this can only be implemented through Virtual Reality, if you do have the opportunity to watch a VR based video on a regular computer, you won’t get any effects from it, it’s almost similar to wearing 3D glasses at a movie theater, without them you won’t notice anything different.

Your phone can use its gyroscope to let you view any footage in any way you desire. You can zoom in and zoom out and you can even look from above or from standing height.

Now obviously this is a cheaper way to view VR related media, but the more money you end up putting into your devices, then the more you’re able to view in a more pleasurable experience. You want to look for devices with higher frame rates. The lower the rate, the more your screen will blur and objects might even streak across the screen, the cheaper models may also make you more nauseous as you use them. As with many things in this world, the more you spend on an object, the more you will enjoy it, if nothing else you will gain a larger appreciation toward what you buy.

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