Why Virtual Reality Isn't Still Accepted In Our Society - VR Life

Virtual Reality is Still Foreign
 to Many

Virtual Reality

VR is beginning to catch on and heat up across the world with companies and new potential customers. There are still many skeptics though considering VR is foreign to many.

People who are skeptics of VR tend to think that those who use VR look funny when wearing the headsets and the games they’re playing don’t look that exciting.



That all changes when you put the headsets on yourself though. Once people actually try VR, they tend to understand what all of the hype is about.

There’s no way to really see it without seeing it, in other words putting on a VR headset for yourself and playing a game or experiencing a film.

One example of a cool game (this is one of many) is RIGS. It’s a VR sports game which enables players to feel like they’re standing up to 15 feet above the ground as they wear an intense virtual mech suit.

Watch the video below




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