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Virtual Reality Job Positions on the Increase

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming one of the existing and flourishing sectors of the technology industry nowadays. It is expected to experience an explosion in the future based on adding more value to gaming, increased attention by media and the rate of immersion it added to marketing.

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This great opportunity has caught the attention of the big players in the industry.

First of all, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook invested a sum of $2 billion on this technology in 2014 when his company took over Oculus Rift, a virtual reality firm. That purchase place a lot assurance on the technology and has since been growing.

Therefore, technology-based companies that are searching for developers and coders who will develop their VR devices for them are doing the right thing. Some job seekers in the industry are already noticing the development in the labor market though still early.

One of such job seeking site that is experiencing an increase is SmartRecruiters, a talent acquiring site that is based in San Francisco. They have dealt with around 1.5 million jobs last year and undertake recruitment process for over 700 clients such as, Marc Jacobs, Ubisoft and Equinox Fitness.

Based on SmartRecruiters’ records, a lot of VR positions crept up in the early quarter of this year 2016 than last year 2015. Almost half of the jobs placements were done for American companies, and then followed by France.

Jerome Ternynck, the CEO of SmartRecruiters took out some time to have an interview with Forbes on the rapidly increasing trend “Linked with the release of Oculus Rift and VR becoming more of a mainstream technology, we’re seeing those VR jobs going from just pure gaming companies into consumer electronics, into software applications, into the wider economy.” He said, “I think what that really means is that virtual reality is becoming one of the new forms of user experience and user interfaces. People are going to gradually find ways to leverage VR for business applications.”

Companies that are seeking for employees to develop their VR devices are seeking for different skills in the technology industry. These skills include software developers, back-end system developers, visual artists and user experience staff.

What is the most sought after job in the VR industry? SmartRecruiters believes it is Computer Vision Manager.


SmartRecruiters, on its recruitment site, which has a link to a number of job boards, observed that almost 47% of VR job positions candidates were found out through LinkedIn, and which is an online job seeking site in Austin, Texas. has up to 180 million visitors on monthly basis from over 60 countries.

Though the numbers are still on the lower side, is also observing an up-rising. The company experienced about 2 postings for VR jobs as per a million job advertisements in year 2014, in contrast to 18 as per every million jobs as of today, that is around 800% increment.

Among those people who are looking for employment, job search per a million has increased from around 1 search per a million for VR job position in 2014 to 19 job searches per a million for a VR position job. This is around 1,800% increment.” It’s still relatively small, in the scheme of things,” says senior vice president, Paul D’Arcy, “but everything that gets big starts with small numbers and a high rate of growth.”

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