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VR Motion Sickness

Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

If mobility and direction in a video game does not feel normal to the player, it becomes irritating. For the makers of VR experiences, this is a problem they’re facing as it can create motion sickness for gamers using VR.

With the production of the trio of the high quality headsets, many manufacturers are tackling this issue head on. The headsets from Oculus, HTC and Sony are in the process of correcting their issues that cause motion sickness.

The main setback is that how different people react with speed and imitation as it seems to vary.

It’s a special make for game makers’ abilities to create engaging fun produced for consumers that doesn’t make them feel trapped or sick. Despite the great steps achieved by VR over the past few years, there are worries that a gamer might lose more than a war to fictional characters but rather they could get sick too.

It’s a real issue that manufactures are having to face. Making users more comfortable. Manufacturers of the game Valkyrie, decided to group users in a makeshift cockpit room so as to protect and guard them from effects of space missiles and ships.

Other game developers are solving these problems by limiting motion in virtual worlds.

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