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VR Products On The Way

Virtual Reality Products

As virtual reality becomes more mainstream, it’s inevitable that more VR products will be developed.

The HTC Vive VR headset is going to be launched on April 5th. The headset is going to cost $799 and it’s going to require a quality PC to work with it.

Samsung Gear VR is only $99, however it requires a specific type of Samsung phones to enable the VR experience. If you don’t have a Samsung phone contract, then the phones can cost $800+.

Google Cardboard is not costly, but it doesn’t offer a real quality experience.

Now though, HTC is supposedly working on a VR headset that will work for tablets and smartphones. HTC’s Associated Vice President, Raymond Pao, said, it will be “the best immersive experience to consumers”. Pao also noted that the HTC Vive has a lot of hype as they sold over 15,000 pre-orders within the first ten minutes of announcing.

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