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VR Ready: New Graphics Solution for VR Developers

Laptop for developing vr

At the GPU Technology Conference (in San Jose, California), on April 4th, Nvidia announced a new graphics solution for virtual reality developers. It’s called VR Ready and it combines Nvidia’s Quadro GPUs with a software development kit that PC makers can utilize when creating different experiences.


HP and MSI have both created products that enable VR Ready technology. The first laptop to include the Quadro M5500 GPU is MSI’s WT72 mobile workstation. Nvidia says it’s the quickest mobile GPU available. The WT72 display is 17.3-inches and it weighs 8.4 pounds. It’s going to include a mobile Xeon processor, but pricing and availability information has yet to be released.


MSI WT72 VR Ready laptop with HP’s VR-ready Z workstations are developed mainly for content creators who will be creating games and software for headsets such as the HTC Vive. HP has said that the Vive has been tested and is confirmed that it works with the Z computers.

Jeff Wood, HP Workstations VP, said, ”We are embarking on a new frontier that will change how content producers and artists develop the most immersive, visually stimulating content available.”


Users will be able to develop their Z workstations with 2 Quadro M6000 cards and each card will have 24GB of memory. Two GPUs are needed in order to run Nvidia’s VR Scalable Link Interface technology, that essentially doubles the system’s rendering power for VR applications.

The Nvidia VR Ready HP Z Workstation is available now and the pricing starts at around $4,363. As of now, the dual Quadro cards aren’t included with the shipping workstations. If you don’t want to install yourself, then HP can install the Quadros for you, but they won’t be offering that service until a bit later on, in May.

Also not included in the workstations is the Vive headset. In order to get the Vive, the developers will need to purchase it severally for about $799. Some developers already have access to the Vive headsets for testing purposes.


Nvidia’s announcements about MSI and HP were exciting, but it recently announced other initiatives as well. The company said they’re working in partnership with Lenovo and Dell to create more VR workstations.

Dell also announced that they’re creating VR ready workstations too.

VR is still in the early days, but based on the companies that have already begun to work on VR initiatives, more developers are becoming interested in creating VR compatible software. It’s thought that the MSI and HP workstations will probably be utilized more by large studios that are in need of several computers they can count on to support VR content.

There are most likely going to be many more VR capable laptops that will hit the market in the months and years to come as more people want to try virtual reality.

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