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Virtual Reality Showrooms Bring the Store To You

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How much will you pay if you’re a loyal customer of a business? Is it $10? $100? $1,000?

For example, some people pay Amazon up to $100 per year to not have to pay for shipping when purchasing items. Most likely if it cost much more than $100, there would be fewer people to utilize this service, or at least fewer people to utilize this service without thinking as to whether or not they’re really saving money.

VR Showroom

If you’re wanting to go on a virtual reality experience, companies are eager to provide new immersive options to help consumers purchase their products or services.

One recent example is Chloma, a Japanese fashion company that’s partnering with Psychic VR Lab and it’s team of VR developers to give their customers a new virtual storefront that they’re calling STYLY VR.

Audi VR experience
Audi VR experience Fortune

The STYLY VR app utilizes 3D scanning technology to imitate Chloma’s clothes inside virtual reality, enabling people to preview how their collection looks with more detail than you can see in a 2D picture. It also enables them to purchase any clothing that they want to purchase directly through the app. It’s a pretty basic idea, but it works. Many people are hesitant to purchase clothing online as they’re not sure how they really look. With this VR app though, it enables people to get a much more detailed view of exactly how the clothing looks.

Auto Evolution

Virtual reality isn’t able to let people try on clothes yet, from their own home, but who knows, that might change eventually.

STYLY VR works with several VR headsets which helps to reduce their barrier to entry, however it seems as though it needs motion controllers too. In other words, Google Cardboard won’t work with this.

Another company is diving into VR too. That company is none other than the Swedish furniture outlet, IKEA. If you own an HTC Vive, then you can use IKEA’s IKEA VR Experience, yes that’s the actual title. The app enables people to walk through an IKEA kitchen that’s completely furnished. It also allows people to open and close doors, toss vegetable peelings in the trash and offers a variety of different views.

IKEA wrote, “This kitchen is very similar to a kitchen in the 2016 IKEA Catalogue. Can you find it?”


If you don’t subscribe to or keep IKEA catalogues then the answer is probably no. However, virtual reality does seem like a smart move for IKEA considering its stores already feel as though you’re in a different world due to the way they’re set up.

Just like STYLY VR, IKEA’s virtual showrooms do look to do much more than excite with their novelty. Potentially in the years to come, physical stores will decline as more people can view through their VR devices. Now, VR is too expensive and new to be that widespread, but it’s going to continue to grow. And as VR continues to grow, that means more opportunities for companies to utilize VR to sell to their customers.

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