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Virtual Realiy Social Revolution

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One moment you can be on a beach talking with a friend of yours and the next moment you could be in an international class studying a foreign language and then immediately after that you can be on the phone with a friend on the other side of the world as if you’re talking to each other like you’re right next to each other.

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All of that is possible through social virtual reality. You could look funny with a big clunky device on your face, but the possibilities of virtual reality are boundless.

 While VR isn’t perfect yet, it’s pretty darn cool, and it’s here.

This past February, Facebook’s Founder, Mark Zuckerberg talked about how virtual reality is going to revolutionize the way people communicate.

 You can even broadcast and receive 360-degree video with the current technology.

Live Broadcasting

Currently, people broadcast normal video live throughout the web utilizing apps like Periscope. And now there’s an app for Android and iOS users, named Livit ( The app enables people to broadcast a full 360-degree environment throughout the internet onto a cell phone or VR headset anywhere in the world. People are able to watch in real time and move their head to view the entire footage.

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Livit broadcast live is very cool. Of course, it has its limits though. If you’re already using Wi-Fi, you need to stream the 360-degree video throughout the cellular network which isn’t great considering that data is costly and there’s limited quality.

You can utilize a 360 fly headset to watch the live feed or a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headset. The Samsung Gear doesn’t naturally support Livit, however, you can use an app called Cardboard on the Gear VR to Google VR apps.

It’s important to note though that Livit images on a Gear VR tend to be abnormally big.

Social VR App


AltspaceVR is a social VR application that can be used with Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. First, you pick an avatar that represents you in the virtual experience. Then, you go to meetings, get lost in a maze, visit a virtual comedy show or participate in a slew of other experiences. 

With Altspace VR, people are able to speak to other people that are literally thousands of miles away as if they are right there.

Road To VR

Project Sansar

Linden Lab, the developer of Second Life, recently developed a new version of Second Life, called Project Sansar. It’s a complete virtual reality experience that’s set to launch later in 2016. The original Second Life economy had billions of dollars going back and forth between people, however, doing business in Second Life wasn’t good for major companies like Coca Cola and AOL who eventually decided to leave the platform.

Modem World

Linden Lab said, “Project Sansar will do for virtual reality experiences what WorldPress has done for the web: empower a broad range of people to create with professional quality and reach global audiences.”

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