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Virtual Reality Strategy Game – AirMech: Command

AirMechCommand vr

AirMech: Command is one of the most recently launched games developed for Facebook’s VR headset, the Rift.


People talk about virtual reality more often these days and when they do they’re mainly referring to being transported to a new world. Most VR games are created to utilize this type of immersive experience. However, AirMech: Command for VR is not one of those games. Developer, James Green, said, “We took advantage of the gameplay experience in VR, just because you’re in VR. It sounds simple. People are like, ‘What’s different about it?’ … Being immersed in an environment is so powerful. Until you put on a headset it’s hard to explain. Just look at the world around you. It’s actually pretty cool.”


His quote sounds funny, but he’s right. The game isn’t much different than it’s earlier editions for PC or console. However, the gaming experience which should be ordinary doesn’t feel so ordinary, it’s really entertaining.

If you know of strategic games such as League of Legend or Starcraft, then you’ve probably heard of AirMech. The game enables you to control a very powerful mechanism that is able to transform between forms of land and air. You’re able to create more units from any of the bases that you own as the main goal is to destroy your competition’s primary fortress. There are of course more details that go into the game such as a variety of fighting, creating and defending your territory all at the same time.

What’s hard for VR is that this type of game demands a lot of tactical awareness and on a 2D screen, you’re only able to see a part of the battlefield at once. Thankfully, there’s also a mini map that helps you see the entire playing field.


The battlefield’s edges in VR go up like a circular wall and there are black tiles which show where your view is limited to. You’re able to see the overall direction as to where your competition’s main base is, but it’s really hard to get a good sense for what is going on in every direction.

The game also enables players to zoom in and out to help with the combination of immersion and awareness.

Real time strategy games are hard with VR because since you’re fully immersed, it’s hard to be in control of hundreds of units that are on bases all over the place that you can’t easily see.


It’s most likely more fun to play AirMech with a few teammates so that you can better take in the map which is very complex. If you purchase the Oculus edition, you will have the ability to play with or against multiple people. Since this is so new, unfortunately, there aren’t lots of people waiting around to play against or with you, but that sure could change in the coming months.

Games like Space Pirate Trainer are amazing with VR. AirMech on the other hand seems to be a bit more exciting with VR, but also a bit harder to play.

Watch the video below



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