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VR Taking Education to a Whole New Level

Virtual Reality has enormous potential to change education standards with video games. Simulations and tutorial games are already being used in many countries. Currently, huge number of elementary schools are using software to teach students. With the dawn of VR, there are many areas that education sector has to work on. According to a research conducted by a firm, McKinsey & Company; 60% of teachers still lack instructional resources.

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We are in midst of a huge paradigm change, and questions such as how educators will incorporate VR gaming experiences are still unanswered. VR games are simulations of the real world, but looking at the cost of development; the benefits that it provide are still limited.

How is Virtual Reality changing quality of Education?

Quality content is not available on video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. But everything is about to change with the introduction of VR. An educational revolution is about to happen; captivating and engaging experiences will be its core.

We can see signs of quality educational experiences in user generated platforms. These provide quality experiences that are beyond games. MinecraftEdu, an educational platform that allow students to find great Pyramids of Giza, know basics of Engineering principals, and much more.

Content creators can show students how animals survive in their ecosystem, or how to manage a restaurant. Hundreds of academic institutions are using simulations to help students learn their fields closely.

VR gives students an opportunity to learn things by doing them rather than hearing. Students can live on Mars, consolidated in a small space with oxygen tanks and doors. These experiences help students to dream and participate in research.

VR is already venturing in hard science, titles such as Cardio VR, King Tut VR, InMind, and Chemistry VR are taking imaginations of students to another level. These virtual trips are giving them opportunities to connect with their subject materials.


An Educational Revolution is about to Happen

VR and education are coming closer with each passing year; programs such as EON Reality, Alchemy VR, and tech giants such as Google and Facebook are playing a huge part. In year 2015, Google launched their Expeditions Pioneer Program. It provides educators all the equipment that they need to take their students under the sea, outer space, and on adventures lands using virtual reality.

Number of institutions are responding to the change, students are expressing their interest in this technology. Facilitators are calling it “Step up for education.”

Virtual Reality has proven to be the potential tool in academia. In year 1998, a research study by Christine Youngblut, from Institute of Defense Analyses; was able to found that as compare to traditional classrooms, students from various backgrounds and ages showed positive outcome when they were exposed to Virtual Reality. Their VR lessons were evacuated as superior or equal to human instructors. The motivation among students was high when they were given VR lessons instead of traditional lessons.


There is a whole new age and technology about to come in education sector. Students can learn a lot by doing experiments and going through simulations. It is possible with the help of latest technology and quality content. We have started to see huge breakthroughs of VR in various sectors, and the way developers are showing interest in VR, it is not be too far when kids, teens, and undergraduates will have their own VR classrooms.

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