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VR Technology: The New Face of Marketing

VR Technology

VR technology is now used in a lot of ways. It is everywhere and is known to everyone. It’s not only for gamers. Now even marketers are now incorporating VR technology to promote their products.

VR Technology as a Marketing Tool in Today’s World

One good example is Nintendo. You just need to go into the streets these days and make something of a general inquiry from the public, of course, of what the Nintendo brand is all about and you would be amazed to see that nearly all of them, if not all, would have something to say. The age bracket does not matter, whether they are the game-loving twelve-year-old kids or even aging parents, you would most likely always get a yes when you ask them whether or not they have heard about or used a product of the Nintendo brand. This is not down to luck or some inexplicable reasons but is mostly due to the fact that the company, Nintendo, is a world-class when it comes to the type of marketing strategies that it employs, making it a force to be reckoned with in every household now and a name that rings a bell in every mind all around the world.

Nintendo: How It All Started

Recalling as far back as the year 1995, the world gaming and technology giant who could do no wrong launched into a venture of the virtual reality rig under the name Virtual Boy. It should be noted that at that time, Virtual Boy was the first of such commercially available virtual reality rigs, and it turned out to be a major failure for the Nintendo brand.

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 The failure mostly came from reasons such as poor displays, which could give you headaches, single color/ spectrum displays, and the like. What was peddled as, and should have gone on to be, gaming technology’s future turned out to be a major fall for the gaming giants. It suffered so much failure that Nintendo put wraps on the program just within the first year of starting it in the first place.     This move disappointed a lot of lovers of technology who had been expecting a ground-breaking discovery in the world of gaming only to be let down by the purely packaged concept of virtual reality. They had no means to relive what they had seen in all those glamorous science fiction movies and they had to resort to pushing those kinds of hopes to the shadows of their minds, leaving it as just fiction. It was not to remain so for much longer, though, as a just a little over two decades later, the entire script changed.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Oculus Rift and HTC are now in a partnership to see that VR launched in the ’90s but ended up failing are restarted, now that the world is at a better technological pace to handle such. Although expensive for now and geared toward the gaming industry mainly too, number of brands including Facebook have already started to show interest in what could be the newest way to market goods and products.

VR Headset Partnership
Marketers are considering the fact that these specific VR technologies feature the art of motion, which can enable customers to move around a defined space and even touch things, making it awesome for product advertising. The VR technology also helps to collect user data from each customer’s experience, which would help them determine the impact of every one of their adverts. That is really one interesting future to look at for marketers now.

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