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VR Texting and Driving Experience for Teens, by AT&T

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As many people now know, texting and driving is very unsafe and frankly, nobody should ever text and drive. Unfortunately, many people do still text and drive though. It’s said that 7 out of 10 people use their phone while they’re driving. 

And most people keep their phone very close to them while they drive, according to AT&T.

AT&T recently created a campaign to try to help lower these statistics.

 The message that’s shown to Abraham Lincoln High School students in Council Bluffs, Iowa is short and to the point. It says, “It can wait.”

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VR Texting Simulation to Decrease Cases of Texting While Driving

The “It Can Wait” campaign has been going to schools since 2009 showing students how dangerous it is to text and drive.

 Junior student Brenden Veazie, said, “Definitely strikes the message into your heart. What can happen, what will happen if you text on your phone and everything.”

The students are shown heartbreaking videos of people who died from texting and driving. After that, the presentation reinforces the “It Can Wait” message through a virtual reality experience. 

The VR experience involves a person whose driving and texting. That person swerves into different lanes and narrowly misses crashing into pedestrians before a terrible car wreck occurs.


Junior Ayv Viola said, “When the collision happened, it felt like you were in the car and it felt so real. And I’m like, yup. Not doing this.”

The AT&T “It Can Wait” campaign gives every student their own version of the experience that they can bring home to show to friends and family.

Brian Jenkins, whose part of the “It Can Wait” campaign, said, “They can put it together, place their phone inside the device, and they can watch the same simulation that we had today.”

it can wait vr

If you’d like to see this experience, you can do so with a Google Cardboard headset and by downloading the video; see the instructions:http://www.itcanwait.com/vr.

Watch the video below



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