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VR Twitter Voting Through French TV Show



VAST Media is one of those consulting and media research companies that’s located in Berlin. The company gives TV leaders across the world, detailed competitive market analysis based on numbers in regards to content marketing and digital entertainment. The Managing Director and Cofounder is Henner Herwig Jurgens.


As of April 5th, French TV watchers have been able to experience a live broadcast that’s of the final stage live shows of “Novelle Star”, which is essentially the French version of “Pop Idol”, in virtual reality. It’s an interactive experience. The experience is available each week until the show’s finale that will be in May. There are 5 live shows in 360 degrees. The viewers are able to vote for their favorite singer while in the VR experience enabled by a Twitter integration.

Nouvelle Star

The 360-degree broadcasts, which are live on the show’s website and D8 (the channel that plays it) app. People are able to view the live shows in gyro mode on their cell phones or if they want a more immersive experience, they can do so through a virtual reality headset.


On the “Novelle Star” website, people are able to order a “Novelle Star” branded Google Cardboard headset, for free.


Throughout the live 360-degree broadcasts, people are able to experience the show from a completely new perspective and they’re able to pick which angle they want to watch the singing performances from.

‘Nouvelle Star Live 360’ isn’t just a basic live stream in VR. The 360 degree experience includes the Twitter integration that enables voting. Voters simply stare at the contestant that they want to vote for, for a few seconds which then triggers a tweet that automatically creates the hashtag #NSVOTE + the contestant’s name.


D8 has already unveiled a video on YouTube and Facebook that enables people to test the 360-degree experience and the video also explains how people vote.

Watch the video below



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