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Want the Manliest Game for Virtual Reality? This Isn’t it But it’s Great.

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A lot of gamers will be looking for intense action type games when they search for cool new VR games. While virtual reality can become a lonely activity, it’s also one that you want to play with your friends, and the Samsung Gear VR is a relatively easy headset to use.


Resolution Games, a quaint Swedish studio whose hoping to create amazing experiences, the kinds of experiences that you will want to show your friends.

The company was founded by Tommy Palm, whose also one of the people behind Candy Crush Saga.


Tommy Palm said, “There’s already a lot of people doing space shooters.” He wanted to go a different route, so the company is making its initial attempt at this with Bait, a vibrantly manly fishing game that recently launched on Samsung’s Gear VR.

Bait isn’t an intense action game though, it’s probably best described as calm or pleasant. The initial section of the game takes you on a serene fishing adventure somewhere in Florida, with beautiful and thought provoking waterfalls in the background and water so see through as you can see the fish swimming below, a man’s wish come true. If you look around, you will see rainbows of birds chilling out in tree branches. The primary goal of this vibrant game is to catch fish, which is every man’s dream job and the process is incredibly simple…even better for some of us simple minded men.


In its conquest to be as accessible as can be, Bait uses a single button scheme. To cast your line, you look at where you want it to go and hold the touchpad on the side of the Samsung Gear VR. As soon as you get a bite, which you basically always will, as the waters are teaming with schools of fish, all you have to do is hold the touchpad again to bring it in. You will have to be careful not to break the line but otherwise it’s all very elementary.

What Bait may lack, if anything it will surely make up for it in its charming recollection of fishing on a nice warm day. Many virtual reality games are focused on being too overwhelming, leaving you on a decimated island or asking you to overcome a dangerously deep crater. But Bait is happy to just let you be in a nice, calming habitat. The game is captivating and unique. You’ll venture into swampy marshes with a soft light filtering through the tops of trees, and peaceful, autumnal lakes where the environment turns to a perfect shade of copper and orange. The fish are also uniquely adorable, each one a silly ploy on wording to help take some seriousness out of your life; you’ll have the chance to catch anything and everything. There’s a basic story that provides goals to makes you push yourself from time to time, but it never pushes you in any set direction. You are free to just enjoy and gaze and catch fish at your own leisure.


With a story that lasts a few hours and a couple dozen different fish to search for, Bait isn’t the kind of game that will occupy you for years and years. People probably won’t be sitting down for hours and hours trying to catch all the variants of fish. It’s more of the kind of gentle experience that someone might pull out to just hang out in for an hour or so, especially to unwind after a long day at work, enjoy the view, smile at the silly little fishies that you’re able to catch. It’s a game that many men and women will love when they want to just hangout.


Watch the video below



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