Virtual Reality Gadgets Used as a Web Browser Tool

Web Browsers in Virtual Reality: The Breakdown

virtual reality web browsing

Step up your surfing

Following years of trials, tribulations and unpleasant disappointments, VR is at last turning into a reality. Whether you are looking at getting the Oculus Rift or considering HTC’s Vive, it’s not only the torrent of games and video that can be watched and played. You can now surf the 2D web in 3D. If you are after a totally immersive experience, here are the VR options that are available for browsing the web.

Samsung Gear VR

While Samsung might be advertising its Gear VR headset more towards Galaxy-pressing gamers and motion picture goers, the Oculus headset likewise gives wearers the entrance to a virtual reality web program called ‘Samsung Internet for Gear VR’.

This application permits you to peruse the web and appreciate any web content in virtual reality. It gives clients the ability of watching 3D and 360-degree recordings (counting those you’ll discover on YouTube and Facebook), or can give you a more immersive encounter to ordinary 2D recordings.

You will be able to import your bookmarks and deal with various tabs. Additionally, there is voice acknowledgment and “Gaze Mode” support, which permits you to choose a menu by just looking at it.

web vr

Moz VR

In case you own an Oculus Rift and need to begin skimming web content in the virtual reality future you’ve been longing for, the Moz VR venture for Firefox or Chromium desktop program could become good options. It’s more so in the beta phase than a complete full browser.

When you have installed the browser add-on and set up your Rift, you can enter Mozilla’s portal to see a variety of content shown in a 3D display. While the substance is as of now rather restricted, it serves as a decent showcase for the sort of electronic VR encounters that web designers are quick to push.

A significant number of the virtual reality encounters in Mozilla’s portal are able to be viewed with an iPhone or Android and a Cardboard VR headset.


Janus VR

This one turns bland, boring pages into something more exiting. Here links are portals and pages are rooms. They can be explored by many players alongside other avatars. Content in web pages hangs in the environment and can be changed easily with Janus VR. For sites with HTML tags, unique 3D content can be used. It is not perfected yet by any means as for it being very visually appealing, but it’s on the way and seems to be better than most competitors.

janus vr

Full Dive VR

For those who love Samsung Gear VR, yet do not have compatible phones, then this is the option for you. The free app lets one surf the web in a virtual world. Text is put in via voice command or an onscreen keyboard.

Oculus Web Browser

This was created by an E-learning company looking to set up a VR classroom. It is as basic as they come. A usable environment, simple with no over the top features. It allows for HTML5 with clear web pages. You can also watch videos on YouTube.


SteamVR Web Browser

The web browser offers a detailed surfing experience alongside a list of games that are compatible with VR. The browser allows you to see most web content and watch videos; it also works with Adobe Flash. Steam’s VR browser offers the easiest transition between gaming and internet surfing without having to change applications.

steamvr ui video in game ui

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