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What are Virtual Reality Glasses?

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Virtual reality glasses otherwise known as virtual reality goggles or virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more common for use in gaming. They are light in weight and very comfortable to wear than that of other devices. Audio, video and head tracking are included in its examples. These glasses perform just like a pair of 3D goggles by displaying two images at a time. Only one image can be seen by using common glasses, whereas 3D image can be seen by using Virtual Reality Goggles. These contain polarizes lenses which display two images, one for each eye. The images produce a deep illusion, which is the basic feature of Cave environments. The technical name for this is stereoscopy.

Advanced models of such glasses also contain head tracking system. This system is connected to a computer which forwards signals to adjust the images which can be seen by the viewers they move around their environment. One more time, this is the part of Cave fully immersive virtual reality.

People who wear these glasses can see 3D images which give the perception of depth. For instance, if the viewer is an architect and he views a model of a building with these glasses then he will be able to see the model from various angles.


Glasses containing tracking systems in them can track the wearer’s movements in the form of a map. The scenes in front of the wearer changes as the wearer change its directions, moves his head, perform some particular action and walk in some direction.

The tracking system enables the computer to present the realistic image of the scenes with a depth of perception. If the tracking is not so proper or it contains errors, then the image displayed will be distorted.

These glasses enable the wearer to see two images at the same time, which creates an in-depth illusion which seems to be real. This is often presented in a form of video and sound which add to the experience.

The main purpose of these glasses is to present the wearer with the world which looks like the real world and behaves in similar to it. Any sort of delay in the presentation causes a loss in connection between the two and in some ways, feeling of motion dullness. This then disrupts their experience.

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