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What is Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality Gaming

The VR concept of gaming allows the person playing to experience a 3D environment. This allows the gamer to interact closely with the environment itself which seems to make the gamer feel as though he/she is actually in the game.

Virtual Reality Gaming 2

The bio sensors are a way of detecting the gamer’s presence. These sensors are stuck to the data gloves or the suit made by the person within that space. Then these movements of the player trigger the response which are interpreted through the computer.

An example of this could be while playing a car game. You wear the sensor gloves and the movement of your hands are interpreted as turning around the steering wheel in a particular direction.

The movements are then installed in a computer which ultimately turns the movements into actions on the screen seeming close to reality.

This innovation gives the player an opportunity to be a part of the game and enjoy every bit of the action.
The lawnmower man movie is an example of such kind of immersive experience where the man interacts with the objects that it seems to be so real.


Language used in VR GAMING

There are different languages used for describing the VR experience. These include:

  • VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language): this is the language of the internet
  • 3DML
  • X3D
  • COLLADA (Collaborative Design Activity)
  • HMD

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