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Will Car Dealers And Shoppers Go For VR Goggles?

Virtual car shopping

“Are you ready to take my order, Mr Audi dealer?  I would like the A5 Coupe that is Chest Brown inside, an all-wheel drive with a 6-speed manual transmission. So is the car in the lot?”

“We are sorry sir, but the chances of finding such a car are like rolling seven times in a row.”

Such orders coming from customers creates a confusing amount of options and configuration possibilities.

However, Audi believes it has an option with virtual reality whereby a shopper wears a VR headset and it takes him or her through the wonderful gee-whiz technology while showcasing all possible equipment combinations. This is a good move, but it’s yet to be seen how people will react to putting on a headset at a dealership.

Audi is offering an “almost lifelike” experience by offering 3D images and sound effects while car shopping. Without getting up, customers choose their own packages, sit behind the wheel and check out the entire car inside and out.

While wearing the headset, the customer will hear the sounds of the salesperson seated next to them and also from the VR shopping trip. The system adapts according to the camera tracks made by the user’s head.

In America, a car shopper will not have the patience to place an order for a car dealers and wait for it to be shipped. VR technology will take you to another world while showing you all of the new arrivals.

CreditMiner DealerAR is another Audi product that allows a 4D rotation screen view for car dealers sand F&I products. Customers can view the vehicle at whatever angle, which is an experience that brings a deep interaction with the consumer.

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