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Z Space RV Rolls Through New Mexico; Educating with VR

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Rio Rancho, New Mexico is the next place that recently had the privilege of having the Z-Space RV come through the city. The Z-Space RV is a program that enables students to complete certain activities in 3D that they would normally do in school. The Z-Space program is going across the country to many different schools.

In Rio Ranco, New Mexico, the Z-Space RV stopped at MLK Elementary school.

Teachers think that this is an amazing new way 3D for students to be able to learn.

Rebecca Martinez, a teacher at MLK Elementary School, said, “It gives students the opportunity to see things they wouldn’t see in a normal classroom setting. They are able to dissect animals, human body parts.”

Z-Space has noted that they’re using the RV to see if there really is a need for virtual reality in classrooms throughout the country.

Watch the video below



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